Cong politicising migrant movement issue; Rlys paying 85 pc, state govt 15 pc fare: BJP

Cong politicising migrant movement issue; Rlys paying 85 pc, state govt 15 pc fare: BJP

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New Delhi, May 4 : Lashing out at the Congress for ''politicising migrant movement issue'', the BJP said on Monday that the Railways has subsidised 85 percent of ticket fare for special trains being run to transport migrant workers while the rest 15 per cent will be borne by the state government.

''Shame on Congress for politicising migrant movement issue,'' said In-charge of BJP's national Information & Technology Amit Malviya, adding that the ''Congress was obviously upset at how well India has handled the Covid''. Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said the the Madhya Pradesh government is doing so and asked Rahul Gandhi to tell the Congress-ruled states to follow suit. ''And this is how the Congress-ruled state governments can pay the 15 percent for the migrant workers (85% being taken care of by the Railways) rather than politicising the otherwise smooth process taken up by the railways,'' he tweeted.

Mr Malviya tweeted, ''They would have ideally wanted a lot more people to suffer and die. Promoting indiscriminate movement of people would lead to faster spread of infection, just like we saw in Italy. Is this what Sonia Gandhi wants?'' Mr Patra attached a copy of Madhya Pradesh government's notice saying that migrant labourers will not have to pay any payment for tickets and the state government will bear the cost of it. MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on on Sunday announced that no MP migrant returning home will have to pay train fare. Attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Mr Patra said,''Rahul Gandhi ji, I have attached guidelines of MHA which clearly states that 'No tickets to be sold at any station'.

Railways has subsidised 85% & State govt to pay 15% The State govt can pay for the tickets(Madhya Pradesh’s BJP govt is paying) Ask Cong state govts to follow suit.'' Mr Patra said some have posted tickets and asked for clarification. ''Some have posted tickets & asked for clarification that if tickets are not sold then what’s this! For each Shramik Express about 1200 tickets to the destination are handed by the Railways to the State Govt,'' he said. State governments are supposed to clear the ticket price and hand over tickets to workers, he pointed out. Mr Malviya said in his missive,''MHA guidelines are clear.

'No tickets to be sold at any station' Railway has subsidised 85% and State Govts pay rest 15% (like Madhya Pradesh is) Migrants DON’T pay! Why doesn’t Sonia ask Congress state Govts to pay?'' Congress president Sonia Gandhi this morning attacked the NDA government for charging the migrants for their train travel back home in the wake of lockdown and said her party will fund their tickets. ''The Indian National Congress has taken a decision that every Pradesh Congress Committee shall bear the cost for the rail travel of every needy worker and migrant labourer and shall take necessary steps in this regard.

This will be the Indian National Congress’ humble contribution in service of our compatriots and to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with them,''Ms Gandhi said. Attacking the government on the issue, Rahul Gandhi said, ''on one hand, the Railways is charging migrant labourers stranded in other states train fare to enable them to return to their homes, on the other hand, it is donating Rs 151 crore to the PM CARES Fund.'' (UNI)