States lauded for proactive role

States lauded for proactive role

Agency News

The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, on Sunday lauded the state governments’ 'proactive role' in battling Covid-19 and asked people not to lower their guard, while hoping the world would be free of the pandemic by Id.

'This Ramadan, we should pray more than ever before so that prior to the celebration of Id, the world is rid of corona and we celebrate Id with enthusiasm and gaiety like before,' Mr. Modi said.

The holy month of Ramadan, which began on Saturday, culminates in the celebration of Id.

Mr. Modi’s references to Ramadan prayers and Id came amid sharp reactions from the Gulf countries to a social media campaign in India that has been blaming Muslims for the spread of the coronavirus.

The outrage in West Asia, where large numbers of Indian expats live, had forced New Delhi into diplomatic damage-control efforts.

Mr. Modi’s radio address, where he praised the states’ efforts, came ahead of his scheduled videoconference with the chief ministers on Monday.