Lockdown: Does Govt have an exit plan, asks Congress

Lockdown: Does Govt have an exit plan, asks Congress

Agency News

New Delhi, Apr 27 : The Congress on Sunday questioned the government, as to what was its plan for the next three months, after the exit of lockdown, in view of the fact that the economy of the country had suffered a great deal in the last over a month.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi scheduled to chair a meeting with the Chief Ministers on Monday, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari questioned whether the PM will talk over a proper strategy of exit to them, as the situation was tense. Mr Tewari further expressed that the grand old party hopes that the government puts out a comprehensive plan for the next three months in the post-lockdown situation in the country and a well-planned exit strategy for lockdown, which was crucial.

Congress also raised question over the testing conducted by the government as far, as the per day testing was concerned, which was at present 39,000 tests in a day, while the capacity was up to a lakh. He said it is understandable that when this pandemic started, possibly, the Government was not aware of its intensity and severity and therefore, got caught unprepared, though it would be naive to grant them that indulgence, given that going back to January 7 and 8, the Government had told Parliament that they were in conversation with WHO with regard to the evolving nature of this pandemic.

However, be that is it may, now the Government has got a clear one month or 36 days, and by now, it must have been able to get a measure of the spread of infection as well as the challenges which are there, both on the medical as well as the humanitarian front, Mr Tewari further said. He also questioned whether the government has any strategy for the stuck-up migrant workers, who were now jobless and homeless. He said that they were somehow trying to either march back, or trying out several tactics to get back home. Does the government have any plan for them, he questioned. (UNI)