Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi

BJP spreading communal virus, says Sonia

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The Congress president, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, on Thursday addressed the party’s working committee meeting and accused the BJP of spreading communal hatred when the country should be fighting the Covid together.

'It should worry every Indian that when we should be tackling the corona virus united, the BJP continues to spread the virus of communal prejudice and hatred. Grave damage has been done to our social harmony. Our party will have to work hard to repair that damage,' Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said at a virtual CWC meeting days after a mob lynching incident killed two sadhus and a driver in Maharashtra’s Palghar.

She criticised the government on all fronts saying it was clueless about the post May 3 strategy, testing hadn’t been enhanced and protective gear for doctors was inadequate and of poor quality. She also said the poor and migrants continued to be the worst hit and 12 crore jobs had been lost in the first phase of the lockdown.

'Since our meeting three weeks ago, the pandemic has increased disturbingly - both in spread and speed. The lockdown continues and all sections of society continue to face acute hardship and distress—particularly our kisans and khet mazdoors, migrant labour, construction workers and workers in the unorganised sector,' she said. Trade and industry had come to a halt and crores of livelihoods destroyed.

Mrs. Gandhi said the Centre did not appear to have a clear idea on how the situation will be managed after May 3.

'A lockdown of the present nature after that date would be even more devastating,' she said to a meeting attended by Dr. Manmohan Singh and other senior CWC members, including Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

Mentioning her letters to the Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi said her suggestions had been implemented partially and in a miserly way.

'Unfortunately, the suggestions we gave have been acted upon only partially and in a miserly way. The compassion, large-heartedness and alacrity that should be forthcoming from the Central Government is conspicuous by its absence.'

She called for focus engaging with health, food security and livelihood issues. On testing, Mrs. Gandhi said it still remained low and testing kits are still in short supply and of poor quality.