Babita Phogat
Babita Phogat

Babita Phogat gets trolled for saying 'Jahil Jamatis' are big problem than Covid19

Agency News

Famous wrestler and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist Babita Phogat is being trolled heavily on Twitter after her bigoted remarks on a tweet in which she said that the Tablighi Jamaat was the biggest danger in India, followed by coronavirus.

Babita Phogat is a controversial figure for making these kinds of controversial statement. Earlier this month, her another tweet in Hindi goes like this: "फैला होगा चमगादड़ से तुम्हारे वहा।हमारे हिंदुस्तान में तो जाहिल सूअरों से फैल रहा है"

("At your place it (coronavirus) might have spread through bats, in Hindustan it spread through illiterate pigs.").

After facing severe backlash for her tweet, Phogat took it down and put out a clarification. She said, "What else should I call those who attack doctors, police, and nurses in this crisis."

"I have no motive to write against any particular caste. I have written against the attackers and will keep writing even further," she added.

The Tablighi Jamaat congregation took place early last month in the national capital's West Nizamuddin area. So far, her account hasn’t been suspended by Twitter, although the hashtag #suspendbabitaphogat is trending on social media

On Thursday, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel’s account was suspended for a bigoted comment on Moradabad incident. Rangoli Chandel’s tweet, according to India Today, goes like this: “A Jamati died of corona when police and doctors went to check their families they were attacked and killed, secular media, make these mullas + secular media stand in a line and shoot them dead. f****k the history they may call us nazis, who cares, life is more important than fake image."

Reacting to Chandel's Twitter account suspension, Babita Phogat in another tweet said: "Today, Rangoli Chandel Didi stepped on whose tail. Nowadays, Twitter is also very angry with those who write the truth."