PM has no concern for poor, regrets Chidambaram

PM has no concern for poor, regrets Chidambaram


Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Tuesday regretted that Prime Minister while announcing extension of country-wide lockdown till May 3 from Tuesday, has not given a thought to the poor.

Nor had Modi given heed to top economists like Raghuraman Rajan who said the government should give money and food to the poor without minding about fiscal prudence,he added In a series of tweets, the former Finance Minister the advices given by Raghuram Rajan, Jean Dreze, Prabhat Patnaik and Abhijit Banerjee had all fallen on deaf year.

He said " we understand the compulsion for the lockdown and we support it.

"Beyond extension of the lockdown, what's new in the PM's new year message?"

He went on: "It is obvious that the livelihood of the poor -- their survival--is not among the priorities of the government.

He said the poor were left to fend for themselves for the past 21 days and they would have now to beg for food for another 19 days.

The government had money and enough food stock. But it would not give money or food, he lamented.

Chidambaram noted that the demand of several Chief Ministers for money had elicited no response. Not a rupee had been added to the "miserly” package of March 20.