DST-funded startup develops kits for symptomatic COVID-19 infections

DST-funded startup develops kits for symptomatic COVID-19 infections

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New Delhi, Apr 12: Department of Science and Technology (DST)-funded startup Seagull Bio Solutions, has developed kits for testing symptomatic COVID-19 infections and geared up its efforts for production of vaccine. Seagull Bio Solutions, a startup working on new biological technologies, has undertaken the development of Active Virosome Vaccine and Immuno diagnostic kits for COVID-19 emergency.

Active Virosome Technology (AVT) developed by Seagull Bio is useful for the production of vaccines for the prevention of COVID-19 infection and also immunodiagnostic ELISA kits for COVID-19. 'Accurate diagnostics, breaking the chain of transmission, therapy and preventive measures including safe and effective vaccines are the foundational pillars of addressing the challenges of COVID-19. Of these, developing vaccines has the longest timeline and so it is essential to fast track that activity now,' said DST Secretary Prof Ashutosh Sharma said.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based diagnostic kits, which are currently available in India, are rapid and enable detection of active COVID 19 infection but it cannot identify asymptomatic infections or those people who were exposed to or infected with COVID-19 in the past but did not suffer from the disease or have recovered from COVID-19 disease and may still be spreading the virus. In contrast, Immunodiagnostic kits help in detection of antibodies to COVID - 19 which can identify these infections also, the DST said.(UNI)