Hunt for Villupuram patient

Hunt for Villupuram patient

S Murari

The Villupuram police has intensified the search for a Covid positive man from New Delhi who was by mistake discharged two days ago from the district hospital before the result of his blood test was known.

Initial reports said he escaped before results reached the hospital on April 6. Dr Ravindranath, president of association for doctors in Tamil Nadu has said responsibility should be fixed for the premature release of the patient.

The man,identified as Nitin Sharma from New Delhi was involved in a car theft in neighbouring Puducherry and came out of jail only on March 16 after serving a two month sentence

He came to Villupuram late last month. As he was jobless and homeless, he was taken into custody by the district police as a vagrant and isolated in the district Government hospital.

He was discharged along with four other patients,all from Villupuram who also were hospitalised because they were in touch with him.

The district has so far reported only less than 20 casea. Neighbouring Puducherry has recorded five cases,four of them who had attended the Tabloghi event in New Delhi.

The only exception is a woman from Mahe who came with infection from UAE.

Those who attended the Delhi event were from Ariyankuppam and Thirubhavanai in Puducherry town. Both these areas have been declared hotspots and 21 policemen who were on duty there have been asked isolate themselves. In such a situation, if the infected person remains at large, he can spread the infection to many in Villupuram as well as Puducherry.

The police of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry have stepped up the hunt for the man. His photo has been put up in public places.

As he is virtually stranded and he does not speak the local language ,he is bound to be traced soon.