Shiv Sena slams organisers of Nizamuddin event, calls it “inhuman” act

Shiv Sena slams organisers of Nizamuddin event, calls it “inhuman” act

Pune Apr 3: Shiv Sena on Friday said holding a religious gathering in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area at the time of coronavirus pandemic was an “inhuman” act and came down heavily on the organisers of the last month’s event.

The mega gathering at Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters in the national capital, attended by a delegate from across India and abroad, has emerged as a COVID-19 hotspot in the country. “What religious and national service have these people done by such a congregation in the name of Islam. In fact, it is an inhuman and great disservice,” the Sena said in an editorial in party mouthpiece ”Saamana”.

“Masjidsin Islamic countries have been closed down and people have been asked to offer namaz at their home. There is a lockdown even in Mecca and Medina,” it said.

The editorial said the event has increased concerns about coronavirus spread in the country. “The programme saw a congregation of over 5,000 people from 22 states in the country and eight foreign countries. Out of the 5,000 participants, 2,000 were foreigners.

“Out of these delegates, 380 have tested coronavirus positive. This is nothing but unforgivable negligence and show of arrogance by fundamentalists,” the editorial said.

The Delhi police have said that they had asked the organisers to stop the gathering. The organisers, on the other hand, say the police and administration did not give passes to delegates to move out during the lockdown, the editorial said.

“What is truth only these two will know. But just like the police cleared the Shaheen Bagh protest area after the Delhi assembly polls, this event also could have been stopped using force.

“This was a matter of national health and not religion. The Muslim community, too, would have supported such a move. Violating the lockdown is playing with other people’s lives,” it said. (UNI)