‘Prepare or suffer’: CDS Gen Rawat on Covid-19 battle

‘Prepare or suffer’: CDS Gen Rawat on Covid-19 battle

Agency News

India’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen Bipin Rawat believes that India must break the Covid-19 virus chain by April 14, through the lockdown and social distancing, or be prepared to weather the long-term consequences of the pandemic.

“The military dictum is ‘prepare or perish’, but in these times of Covid we have refined it to ‘prepare or suffer’. We must arrest the spread of the virus through a 100% lockdown and social distancing by April 14. With the harvesting season around the corner, India cannot afford the numbers to go up. The military is totally prepared to stand up to the demands made by government and the people,” Gen Rawat said in a phone interview given to Hindustan Times.