PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

Light up diyas on Sunday to present unified India: PM

Agency News

New Delhi, Apr 3: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked Indians to switch off lights at 2100 hrs on April 5 for nine minutes and light lamps, candles, torches outside their door or balcony of the house to 'end the darkness' and to present a unified face of India during this health crisis.

Addressing the country via a video message, the PM said, 'This Sunday, on April 5, at 9 pm, light a candle, lamp, torch or your phone's flashlight at your door or balcony for 9 minutes. This will give all of us the confidence that we are not alone in our fight against COVID-19." At the same time, he appealed to people not to gather outside their homes and strictly practise social distancing. "Everyone should follow social distancing during the event,' he said. UNI