Mosques to suspend Friday prayers

Mosques to suspend Friday prayers


In the wake of nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, all Muslim sects have decided to suspend the Friday prayers in mosques. Furthermore, they have been urged to conduct the 'Zohar' prayer at home.

However, the calls for prayers will continue to be made from mosques at the set hours. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board had on Thursday urged Muslims to conduct 'Zohar' prayers at home. The religious leaders of the Shia sect have also decided to suspend the Friday prayers across the country, urging the followers to stay indoors.

Maulana Ashraf, the Imam of Mumbai, said: 'We have suspended the Friday prayers and daily prayers in mosques since last week. This arrangement will continue till the government desires as the primary objective should be to save human lives and follow the government directive. We are appealing to the people to remain indoors from mosque loudspeakers and social media.'

Kashmir's Grand Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam said that he had also urged for the suspension of Friday prayers, saying it is permitted in Islam.