Covid-19 cases touch 720

Covid-19 cases touch 720


The total Coronavirus COVID-19 positive cases in India have crossed the 720-mark as the death toll touched 17 on Friday. However, the Central government has assured that the positive cases figure is 'relatively stable'. The Modi government has also allayed fears saying that there was no 'hard evidence' to state that stage-3 of Coronavirus has begun.

With an aim to help mitigate the needs of the poor, the Centre has announced Rs 1.70 lakh crore financial package. It has stated that as many as 17 states have begun to transform hospitals into dedicated Coronavirus treatment facilities. While India is under 21-day 'complete lockdown', the Prime Minister has appealed to people across the country to maintain social distancing to check the spread of the Coronavirus.

According to the latest data provided by the Union Health Ministry, the total number of active positive cases for India is 640. In a silver lining, 66 patients have been diagnosed or cured or discharged or migrated. The number of deaths due to Coronavirus stands at 17. Over 170 countries are under the clutch of the deadly virus with the death toll of over 21,000. More than 471,518 cases have been reported, as per data.

Experts have asked people to stay at home, to not venture out on roads unless absolutely necessary and to not believe in rumours, and don’t panic.