Sonia to PM, entire nation united

Sonia to PM, entire nation united

Agency News

The Congress president, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi wrote to the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, on Thursday, voicing her support to the 21-day lockdown he had announced in view of the coronavirus outbreak, and suggested several measures such as protection of doctors, easing the supply chains and deferment of loans.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeping across the world had caused serious public health concerns, anguish and apprehensions in India, she wrote in her letter.

'It has imperilled lives and put at risk the lives and livelihoods of millions, particularly the most vulnerable sections of our society. The entire nation stands as one in solidarity in the fight to halt and defeat the Corona pandemic,' Mrs. Gandhi said.

She noted that the 21-day nationwide lockdown announced by the Prime Minister as a measure to fight the coronavirus was a welcome step.

'As President of the Indian National Congress, I would like to state that we will support and collaborate fully with every step taken by the Union Government to ensure the containment of the pandemic,' she added.

At this challenging and uncertain time, she said it was imperative for each one of us to rise above partisan interests and honour our duty towards our country and indeed, towards humanity.

'It is in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation therefore, that I would like to suggest some measures that I believe will help us address the massive health crisis we are about to face and to ameliorate the immense economic and existential pain that vulnerable sections of our society will soon be subjected to,' the Congress chief said.