Modi's biography release by Trump postponed amid corona spread

Modi's biography release by Trump postponed amid corona spread

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 26: The biography of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, slated to be unveiled by US President Donald Trump, stands postponed in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.

Titled `Narendra Modi - Harbinger of Prosperity and Apostle of World Peace’, the biography has been authored by Dr Adish C Agrawala, president of the International Council of Jurist, London, and Ms Elizabeth Horan, a well-known American writer. According to Agrawala, as the co-author Ms Elizabeth and the publisher were Americans, it was decided to release the book in the US by Trump. But the release has been postponed due to coronavirus spread.

Printed on a specially sized paper made in Japan, this voluminous book is published by USA Publication and Distribution House, New York. Originally, written in English, the book has been translated into Arabic, Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish and 10 Indian languages also. Throwing light on the routine and lifestyle of Modi in the book, it is said the reason for his strong will power and indomitable courage is his lifestyle like yoga-pranayama practice, moderate life, balanced diet, and spiritual practices like meditation. (UNI)