Rahul for strict social isolation

Rahul for strict social isolation

Agency News

The senior Congress leader, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has written an open letter, appealing to the public to adopt strict social isolation to flatten the curve of the coronavirus spread. He cited examples of Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan that enforced social isolation to contain the outbreak and reduce fatalities.

“I strongly appeal to each of you to follow strict social isolation and distancing measures. Containing the virus requires us to minimise our contact with people as much as possible,” Rahul’s letter reads.

'Remember that social isolation is not a holiday and any non-essential travel or social gathering during this time will only heighten the risk of contracting coronavirus,' he said.

Mr Gandhi said global public health experts have warned that a large number of cases remain undetected in India and could 'spread in the absence of containment measures'. The fight against the epidemic, he said, involves making urgent lifestyle changes and noted that the next 3-4 weeks are crucial for India.

He also commended the doctors and health workers who are relentlessly providing essential services. 'The public health personnel have displayed exemplary courage, even at great personal risk to themselves,' the MP from Wayanad said.