Sikhs deliver food to elderly quarantined in UK

Agency News

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, people have been compelled to self-isolate and quarantine themselves to contain the spread of the virus.

While the infection virus is a major threat to the immunity system of all age, the elderly are more at risk. COVID-19 has spread across the globe and has claimed nearly 8,000 lives. Multiple nations have undergone a virtual lockdown.

During this time of emergency and social distancing, a 'free mobile food support' initiative has been taken in Slough, a town in Berkshire, England. The service provides 'healthy and nutrition' food by the Sikh community of the town. Mostly to the people above the age of 65, and quarantined.

An associate of the community, Mr. Harjinder Singh Kukreja, said: 'Are you 65+ plus? In #Coronavirus isolation? Need support to get food? Sikhs in Slough, UK have come up with Mobile Food Support for the elderly & isolated & are Providing FREE HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS essentials to help them! Pls share!'