Rahul best bet, says Amrinder

Rahul best bet, says Amrinder


The Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, on Thursday made it clear that he was not interested in leaving the state for national politics and batted for Mr. Rahul Gandhi to lead the Congress and revive its glory.

Speaking at a conclave to mark the third anniversary of his government, he said the choice of the next leadership rested with the Congress Working Committee.

'Rahul definitely has it in him to steer the party as its leader, although at the moment he seems to be insistent about not taking over the party reins,' he said.

Underscoring the need for a new leadership to emerge, the Captain said it was not fair to further push Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who had been keeping unwell. He said Mr. Rahul should not allow one defeat (2019 LS polls) to hold him back. 'I lost my first two elections, but if I had gone and sat at home, I would not be where I am today,' he quipped.

On the possibility of him being asked to take over as the new Congress president, Capt Amarinder said he did not want to leave Punjab and he found working for people in his state more attractive.