Lawyer Seema Kushwaha along with Nirbhaya's mother
Lawyer Seema Kushwaha along with Nirbhaya's mother

Nirbhaya case: Seema Kushwaha’s efforts beyond call of duty appreciated

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For Seema Kushwaha, the lawyer who fought along with Nirbhaya's parents for the past seven year, this is the moment of reckoning. The tag #seemakushwaha is currently trending on social media with thanking messages showers across the country.

“Thanks, Salute and Appreciation for the labour of 7+ Years to Adv Seema Kushwaha, Nirbhaya's lawyer for standing firmly and patiently with Parents and the cause. "Justice of Nirbhaya,” a Twitter message from Nandkumar Jethani says.

Similarly, thousands of unknown Indian within India and outside keep on sending ‘thanks’ messages to Seema Kushwaha for her efforts beyond call of duty. While passing through the trials and tribulations, Seema Kushwaha saw everything of a mother who lost her daugher...her helpless sobbings, angry verbal outbursts....and all. But the legal sojourn has finally ended in fruition, sending all four culprits to the Hangman's noose.

While the family was supported by citizens of the country, a woman who stood next to Nirbhaya's mother throughout this journey was Seema Khuswaha. The lawyer supported Asha Devi in her fight like a warrior and used the law to fight for justice. So, when the four culprits were hanged to death at the Tihar jail in the early hours of Friday, Seema also showed victory sign along with Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother.

Asha Devi, Badrinath Singh, and their lawyer Seema Kushwaha show victory sign after the convicts were hanged till death after a 7-year-long legal battle.

On the horrying night of December 16, 2012, a 23-year-old paramedical student was travelling inside a bus in the national capital when she was returning after watching a movie. The student was brutally gang-raped and murdered by six men who were travelling on the same bus. Out of the six men, one was a minor. The four men- Mukesh Singh, Pawan Kumar Gupta, Akshay Thakur and Vinay Sharma were hanged to death today at the Tihar Jail.

After the incident came to light, a legal battle that lasted for over 7 years commenced in court. From trial courts hearing the case to petitions being filed before the President of India, the case reached several stages in the last 7 years. The case was fought in a number of courts including the top court, the Supreme Court of India.

Protests were staged across the country, demanding strict action against the six men who abandoned the last grain of humanity and brutalised a woman without a second thought. After the incident, Nirbhaya's parents ran from pillar to post, demanding justice for their daughter.