Kamal Nath
Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath to address media shortly

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Amid the rumours of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister may resign, Kamal Nath is going to address the media shortly on Friday morning.

Earlier, another senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh told the media that Kamal Nath could not prove majority at present condition. Afterwards, the rumours spread as Kamal Nath likely to resign ahead of the floor test that plans to begin at 2pm on Friday.

Accusing the BJP of "conspiring against his government", Kamal Nath said the BJP had been hands in glove in this conspiracy from Day 1.

"My government was able to prove majority in the house on three occasions. The BJP could not tolerate it. So, it conspired with a maharaj (Jyotiraditya Scindia) and 22 greedy MLAs and planned to topple my government," Kamal Nath said, adding that the people of Madhya Pradesh won't forgive these "greedy and rebellious" people.

"This is not my betrayal, but it is the betrayal of the people of Madhya Pradesh," he said.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of India directed the Madhya Pradesh Speaker to conduct a floor test by 5pm on Friday based on a plea filed by BJP to allow floor test immediately as Kamal Nath government lost its majority after the submission of resignation letter of 22 MLAs belong to Jyotiraditya Scindia camp. Following which, on Thursday midnight, in a hurried move, Speaker Prajapathi had accepted the resignations of 16 rebel Congress MLAs who are currently lodged in Bengaluru. He earlier accepted the resignation of 6 MLAs (who were ministers in the Kamalnath cabinet).

The Supreme Court rejected the Kamal Nath lawyers argument that BJP held captive 22 MLAs of Congress in Bengaluru as the reason behind the postponement of the floor test. Instead, the top court in an ultimatum ordered a floor test even in the absence of those 22 MLAs.