COVID19 Coronavirus
COVID19 Coronavirus

Covid19: virus cases in India rise to 154

Agency News

With new positive cases were reported from Mumbai, Karnataka, Telangana and Chattisgarh, Chandigarh, the total number of coronavirus infections have gone up to 154 in India, according to the Health Ministry officials.

Out of these 154 people, 129 are Indians and 25 foreigners, the ministry further said.

Two more cases have been reported from Maharashtra, bringing the total cases in the State to 47, the highest in the country. A Maid who is working in a family who returned from US, a woman who came back from Netherlands are the two cases reported from Maharashtra on Thursday.

A women tested positive is the first case of coronavirus has been reported from Chattisgarh on Thursday. One fresh Karnataka case has taken the state's total to 15.

The states are as follows: Kerala (27), Uttar Pradesh (16) and Karnataka (11).

Over 5,700 people, who had come in contact with these positive cases, are under rigorous surveillance, the ministry said. Delhi has so far reported 10 positive cases which includes one foreigner.

According to government data, 14 people have been discharged so far, including the three patients from Kerala who were discharged last month.