Corona confusion: Shakespeare shadows survival strategy

Corona confusion: Shakespeare shadows survival strategy

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New Delhi, Mar 18 : It seems 'Hamlet' is making its presence felt in each and every hamlet across the Nation. Courtesy Covid-19, 'conflicting conclusions'- ranging from reports suggesting Corona will not only surrender to Summer, but live through in India and re-emerge next Winter to the Government's assertion- Parliament can't be adjourned during crisis, an 'antithesis' of social distancing, is only re-truing Shakespearian 'Confusion' in the Indian society, experts feel.

A report on Monday quipped - WHO says global warming is a cause of concern?- at least not the WHO- the World Health Organisation, in the present global context- post-eruption of dreaded Coronavirus claiming more than 6,500 lives and infecting 1,70,238 spanning across 158 countries, when people are praying for a peak in global warming.

There is no meteorological or other scientific indication so far that there is a 'brake' in the heating up of the globe due to the outbreak of Corona as both land and oceans are warmer now, than they were when record-keeping began, in 1880, and temperatures are still ticking upward. But, people from Beijing to Washington, from Milan to New Delhi and from Tehran to Kolkata are at the moment paying heed to the 'belief' that 'more warmth' is needed to fight the cold-based 'vicious virus,' the report said. Interestingly, a day after, on March 17, a finding from Pune underlined that Corona- the third highly pathogenic virus to impact the planet after SARS and MERS could be transmitted in areas with hot and humid weather.

Amid the ongoing 'blow hot blow cold,' Delhi's newly drafted State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) suggested 'severe extreme' weather conditions in the National Capital. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 147 in India on Wednesday morning, according to Union Health Ministry. Of the 147 infected patients, 25 are foreign nationals. Three coronavirus deaths have been reported so far, one each in Maharashtra, Delhi and Karnataka.

Nearly 14,000 new infections were recorded globally over the past day with the cases declining in China where the deadly outbreak began in December 2019, authorities said. Asked to comment on the 'Corona Confusion'- stretching from conflicting forecast to the Prime Minister's rejection of call to adjournment of Parliament 'contrary to social distancing and health issues,' scientist-turned sociologist Ramesh Virmani said, '' Confusion is the clarion call of human lives since ages and we are used to it in every aspects.'' Echoing Shakespeare, Mr Virmani said, the rejection of adjournment of Parliament because of the Coronavirus outbreak still reaffirms the dilemma- 'To mix or not to ....' Rejecting the call to adjourn Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said '' MPs should not be seen as abdicating their responsibility during crises.''

''We should think of the IAF & AI crew, doctors, nurses, loaders handling baggage, drivers and attendants of ambulances, police. What if they decide to take a break?,’ the PM said. PM also invited 'criticism' from certain quarters, especially the medical fraternity. A noted doctor in the National Capital, on condition of anonymity, sarcastically commented '' Politicians are politicians. But no attempts should be made to equate them with other Goliaths. Moreover, we are passing through a health emergency. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi had ruled out an early adjournment of the session of the House on Tuesday saying it would continue till April 3 as per schedule. When her view was sought on the matter, singer-turned-danseuse Amita Malik remarked in rhythm '' Confusion, confusion everywhere, not a place to have peace.'' (UNI)