BJP finished off democracy in every state

BJP finished off democracy in every state

Agency News

The 'fever' to destabilise a state government rises when Rajya Sabha elections are due, the Congress said on Thursday, accusing the BJP of kidnapping 14 of its MLAs in Madhya Pradesh.

Three Rajya Sabha seats are falling vacant in the state and they are currently held by Mr. Digvijaya Singh (Congress), Mr. Satyanarayan Jatiya and Mr. Prabhat Jha (both from the BJP).

'Ever since the BJP has come to power, democracy is being finished in every state one by one. It started with Arunachal Pradesh,' senior Congress leader, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, said at a press conference.

The BJP’s policy had always been to ensure that states did not get any government except that of the party, he said.

'Wherever other parties have made governments, their (BJP’s) aim has been to destabilise them. This fever to destabilise state governments rises when the Rajya Sabha elections are due,' he said.

He said the efforts in Madhya Pradesh to break the government are not new. 'We condemn it, we will raise it in Parliament.'

'We have never done politics of this kind where we scare and intimidate people to join us,' he said.