Modi social media move a teaser

Modi social media move a teaser

Agency News

The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s surprise announcement of 'giving up' his social media accounts on Monday has led to speculation.

Apart from countless requests asking him to reconsider his decision and the scoffs by rivals, some interesting theories are going the rounds to decipher that cryptic message.

One speculation is based on Mr. Modi’s penchant for springing surprises. Given that Sunday is Women’s Day, many see it as a 'teaser' for the day. Women will post from his handles on March 8, the day he 'quits' social media, they claim.

The Modi message reads: 'This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Will keep you all posted.'

Soon after, the social media was abuzz over whether Mr. Modi was actually quitting social media. Among the theories doing the rounds while the world tries to figure out the message is the possibility of India launching its own platforms.

'Some big announcement on NaMo App' can be made on Sunday. India could be going the China way by unveiling its own versions of social media platforms, they say.

According to some, it could be a prelude to 'banning' these services across India.

It could be a 'pressure tactic' for American platforms. He says he is only 'thinking' of giving up social media accounts. A man who commands millions of followers is not going to abandon social media, they say.

The Prime Minister has 53.3 million followers on Twitter, more than 44 million followers on FB and over 35 million followers on Instagram and the decision is also being read as a ' diversionary tactic'.

For someone who has used social media effectively to further his career, it remains to be seen what he has to say on the coming Sunday.