Omar's sister challenges detention

Omar's sister challenges detention


Omar Abdullah's sister, Ms. Sara Abdullah Pilot, has challenged his detention and charges under the stringent Public Safety Act (PSA) before the Supreme Court, and asked for the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister to be freed immediately.

Ms. Sara Abdullah Pilot has said her brother's detention is a grave violation of his constitutional rights including freedom of speech, and is part of a 'consistent and concerted effort to muzzle all political rivals'.

Omar Abdullah, detained without charges since August 5 -- when the government ended special status to Jammu and Kashmir -- was formally detained under the PSA last week.

Similar orders of detention had been issued over the last seven months 'in a wholly mechanical manner' to others detained, Ms. Pilot said in her petition.

'The order conflates 'Governmental policy' with the 'Indian State', suggesting that any opposition to the former constitutes a threat to the latter. This is wholly antithetical to a democratic polity and undermines the Constitution,' said the petition.