Anti-CAA rally: Over 10 Jamia students injured in clash with police

Anti-CAA rally: Over 10 Jamia students injured in clash with police

Agency News

More than 10 students of Jamia Millia University, who participated in an anti-CAA march towards Parliament, have been admitted to the Jamia Health Centre for injuries in their private parts.

Speaking to India Today TV, the resident doctors at the health centre said that some of the injuries were so severe that the students had to be shifted to Al-Shifa hospital.

"More than 10 woman students have been hit on their private parts. We have found blunt injuries and some have been hit in a way that we had to shift them to Al Shifa because injuries are serious in nature," the doctors said.

A student, who was being treated at the health centre told media that she been hit on my private parts by cops with boots. Another student said that the cops were beating them below the belt so that the camera could not capture it.

Another male student admitted at the Jamia health centre said that he was hit so badly that he fainted twice. The hospital authorities have informed that at least nine people - eight Jamia students and a local resident - have been admitted at Al-Shifa after the protest.

The situation in Jamia became tense after scores of Jamia Millia students and residents of Jamia Nagar got into a scuffle with police after they were stopped from carrying an anti-CAA march towards Parliament.