Curious kids turn up to polling stations with parents

Curious kids turn up to polling stations with parents

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 8 : Children may not have a right to take part in the biggest festival of democracy till they turn 18, but the kids, who accompanied their parents to polling booths on Saturday, were very excited, with many asking a number of queries about the elections.

Aarti Singh, who was accompanied with her six-year-old daughter Drishti, said that she wanted to show her daughter how leaders are elected in the country. "She has heard a lot about elections as the parties did not leave any stone unturned in their campaigning.

So, she wanted to witness how votes are cast," she added. There were children, who were keen to know about the functioning of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). "I read about Parliament, Assemblies, Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers, but I do not know how votes are cast to elect them. Today, I have come here to witness the voting process," eight year-old Pari said, who was accompanying her mother Kavita to a polling booth in Tilak Nagar. However, many kids accompanied their parents, out of sheer joy.

They observed the voting process quietly and even waved at the officials sitting at the polling stations. One such kid, Samyak said, "I wanted to press the button, but my mother did not allow me. Papa told me that when I grow up, he will let me do it then," the seven-year-old said. (UNI)