Travel advisory on China visit

Travel advisory on China visit

Agency News

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued a fresh travel advisory on Monday urging people to refrain from visiting China.

'Travel Advisory further revised informing the public to refrain from travel to China and that anyone with travel history in China since January 15, 2020 and from now on could be quarantined,' said the statement by the ministry.

The statement also said, 'e-Visa facility for Chinese passport holders has been temporarily suspended.'

The ministry informed that e-Visa already issued to Chinese nationals was not valid temporarily.

'The facility for submitting the application online for the physical visa from China is suspended,' the ministry said.

It also advised to contact the Indian embassy in Beijing or consulate in Shanghai or Guangzhou in case of people having compelling reasons to visit India.

Earlier on Sunday, the Ministry had informed that apart from China, people coming from Singapore and Thailand were also screened at the airports.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also released information and advisory to the public regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, which the world body has declared a global health emergency.

'Antibiotics do not work against viruses, but only against bacteria,' the WHO said on its official website, noting that as it was a virus, antibiotics were not effective in preventing or treating it, reported Xinhua news agency.

However, if a patient is hospitalized for the virus, the person may receive antibiotics since 'bacterial co-infection is possible', the organization added.