Shah's speeches are trash, claims Rahul Gandhi

Shah's speeches are trash, claims Rahul Gandhi

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 5 : Former Indian National Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday slammed the speeches of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, saying that all his speeches only contain trash and one should not listen to them. 'You can hear all my speeches.

Try to find even a single lie in it. Hear Mr Kejriwal's speeches, hear Mr Modi and compare. Don't listen to Amit Shah's speeches, it contains only trash. Hear Modi you will find all lies", he said while addressing a rally at Kundli. He accused both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of dividing the people, saying that their politics revolves around hate. "Mr Kejriwal and Mr Modi are teaching nationalism to Indians.

Everyone is nationalist in India, they are just dividing them.", he said. Furthering his attack on Delhi CM, he said that Mr Kejriwal claimed of eradicating the corruption. "But the corruption has increased in the last 5 years," he said. On the rising unemployment rate in the country, Rahul said, "Youth are unemployed from past 5 years. They are now distressed and Mr Modi is using their plight to his favour." (UNI)