PM can sell anything, even Taj Mahal: Rahul

PM can sell anything, even Taj Mahal: Rahul

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New Delhi, Feb 4 : Taking a dig at the Centre's policy of disinvestment, particularly during the current slump, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi can sell any asset, even Taj Mahal. Addressing a rally at Jangpura here, in favour of Congress candidates for the Delhi Assembly elections, Mr Gandhi alleged that the Government has waived off the debts of big industrialists by taking money out of public pockets.

'Demonetisation, GST drains your money and benefits them. 'They are busy selling everything - Indian Oil, Air India, Indian Railways, Hindustan Petroleum. They may just sell Taj Mahal as well. "This is not Narendra Modi's government, it is a government of Ambani and Adani,' he said. Attacking the BJP-led Central government, Mr Gandhi said Mr Modi gave the slogan of 'Make in India,' but did not establish a single factory in the country.

"In their religion, one Indian is speaking with another with much hatred. They do not understand religions. No religious scripture talks about killing anyone," Mr Gandhi said. 'The PM is determined to make Indians fight against each other, lie about jobs and take support of Pakistan. But, he will not talk about employment because he does not have the power to provide employment and youth of India also realise this,' Mr Gandhi said, while addressing an election rally at Jangpura, here. 'The atmosphere of hate, violence and atrocities created in the country is not benefiting India. Only Modi and BJP are benefiting. If you want development, then you have to remove any feelings of hate and violence from your heart.

'India wants to move forward, the youth want to work. Even Obama has recognised the strength of youth in India. But, our PM has not uttered a single word about the biggest challenge the youth of this country are facing, which is unemployment. 'In an interview, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was asked how many jobs were created? She said, 'If I give you any number, Rahul Gandhi would go after me and say that I am lying'.

The FM is not ready to speak about job creation,' he said. Mr Gandhi said if 'Made in India' is implemented, two crore jobs can be generated for the youth. 'But, neither Mr Modi, nor Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor Arvind Kejriwal care about this. The countries that sent their companies to China, are saying that 'Made In China' poses a danger to the world. Now, these countries are looking towards India and it's youth,' he said. Accusing Mr Modi and Mr Kejriwal of doing nothing to tackle unemployment, Mr Gandhi said, 'The PM said he will provide two crore jobs. What did he do for it, what did CM Kejriwal do to tackle unemployment. 'Be it BJP or AAP, there is no real work done but only marketing.

Marketing themselves on public money,' he said. 'BJP leaders keep doing 'Pakistan Pakistan' but our leader Tarvinder Marwah went to the neighbouring country without any security and raised the slogans of 'Hindustan Zindabad'.

'Show me one BJP leader or worker who has done the same. Be it the AAP or the BJP, no one does the work but marketing. They take public's money and spend it on marketing and advertising,' he said. Mr Gandhi also said that the grand old party has decided to tackle the major problem in Delhi-- ie pollution. 'We have decided that 25 per cent of the budget will be used to fight pollution. Also, we will give 15,000 electric buses to Delhi,' he said. 'In 2012, under late Sheila Dikshit government, Delhi was awarded the Greenest Capital by UNESCO.

Today, Delhi is one of the most polluted cities worldwide because of AAP's attitude towards the environment. We will restore Delhi to it's former glory,' he said. Mr Gandhi said it is imperative that we work together to protect our water and energy sources. 'Therefore, the Congress will launch an incentivisation initiative to encourage households to conserve water and electricity,' he said. 'Providing quality education and equal opportunity to all of Delhi's children is a priority for the Congress.

We must invest in our youth to guarantee a developed, prosperous and peaceful future for India. 'The Congress government will ensure every Delhi citizen will have access to quality healthcare. We will also ensure private hospitals provide additional assistance and care to government scheme beneficiaries,' he said. Polling in 70 Assembly seats of Delhi will be held on February 8, and counting will be on February 11. (UNI)