ISRO launches Young Scientist programme

ISRO launches Young Scientist programme

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Bengaluru, Feb 1: To provide a peephole presentation on the Space science, for school children, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched Young Scientist programme, Yuva Vigyani KAryakram, a ISRO statement said on Saturday.

The programme, envisaged to educate the school children across the country over the Space related sciences, including Space Technology, Space science and Space Applications, with the younger ones with an intention to arouse interests in the emerging area of space activities The online registration of the programme would be announced soon.

The statement further said that the ISRO, has launched this programme to catch the young towards the space activities. This residential training programme would be about two week duration, during summer holidays and it was proposed to select three students from each state or Union Territory covering, state, CBSE and ICSE syllabus to participate in this programme. Those who were studying in the nineth standard would be eligible to participate in this programme, the statement added. (UNI)