Gun-wielding man shoots at protesters of Jamia University; one student injured

Gun-wielding man shoots at protesters of Jamia University; one student injured

Agency News

In a shocking incident, a gun-wielding man shot at protesting students of Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi this afternoon, unleashing chaos and panic in the area.

In the untoward incident, a student of the university has been injured. The entire incident unfolded despite a huge contingent of armed policemen in riot gear, standing just metres away from the man. In a video, the young man, who is also a minor, wearing a black jacket and a pair of white trousers, can be seen walking on a heavily-guarded road, waving a gun as he shouts "Yeh lo azaadi (here's your freedom)" at the protesters. ‘Azadi’ (freedom) is a favourite slogan of the protesters of the University.

The miscreant stood meters away from dozens of policemen deployed outside the university, where protesters had gathered for a march. He also shouted "Delhi Police zindabad (Long live Delhi Police)".

The shooter has been detained and is being questioned after he was overpowered. "The crowd was coming from Jamia. The person came from the crowd... He is being questioned," senior police officer Chinmoy Biswal said. Police sources said the shooter's name is Rambhakt Gopal Sharma. He is 19 and is from Uttar Pradesh's Jewar, near Delhi.

The man had gone live on Facebook minutes before he engaged in shooting.. Videos on his Facebook timeline showed him walking around in the crowded road - the venue of the protest - with a red backpack on.

His previous posts seemed to indicate that he had come prepared for the consequences of his actions. "On my last journey, take me draped in saffron and shout slogans of Jai Shri Ram," one of them in Hindi read. Another more threatening post read, "Shaheen Bagh, Game Over", referring to a massive protest against the citizenship law taken up by women and children.