There is 'evidence' of anti-national conspiracy at Shaheen Bagh: BJP

There is 'evidence' of anti-national conspiracy at Shaheen Bagh: BJP

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 25 : The BJP on Saturday said there is 'evidence' of conspiracy to harm India at Shaheen Bagh protest. ".......To finish off India's independence, some kind of conspiracy is there in Shaheen Bagh. We have evidence to that effect," BJP spokesman Sambit Patra told reporters here alluding to a video that has gone viral. Among other things, the video shows a speaker urging people to 'cut off' Assam from the rest of India.

"The kind of anti national sentiment ventilated in the video is not only a matter of concern, but it is also seditious," Mr Patra said, adding that these episodes only show that Shaheen Bagh locality in Delhi has been reduced to 'Disha heen bagh and Tahaheen Bagh (directionless)'. The BJP spokesman said the video claims that Shaheen Bagh protest should seek to 'cut off' Assam from the rest of India. " speaks about creating several divisions of India and to cut off Assam and north east India from the rest of the country.

It seems there is a full fledged conspiracy to harm India, this is a call for open Jihad," he said. "The speaker in the video says, Indian army should be prevented from entering north east. Why you want to stop India army from reaching Assam and other north eastern states? What is the design that is brewing up? What is the conspiracy in your mind?," Mr Patra wondered.

Earlier, addressing mediapersons in Guwahati, Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said a formal case has been registered against the individual who is seen making those statements in the video. Notably, on Friday, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has said that the protestors were misguided by vested interests and are also raising "anti-national and anti-Hindu slogans". "These activities must be stopped forthwith," VHP international secretary general Milind Parande has said. (UNI)