Nitish attacks Pavan Varma on CAA stand

Nitish attacks Pavan Varma on CAA stand


The Bihar Chief Minister and JDU supremo, Mr. Nitish Kumar, in an apparent snub to Mr. Pavan K Verma and Mr. Prashant Kishor for their repeated questions about the party’s stand on the newly elected Citizenship Act said they are free to go wherever they want.

Talking to the media, Mr. Kumar said that it is their personal decision and they should go wherever they want. 'We don't have any objection. Don't look at JDU in the context of statements by some people. JDU works with determination. We have a clear stand and don't have any confusion,' the Chief Minister said.

Lashing out at Mr. Verma the CM said they should have come and discuss all the issues within the party and not going public.

'If they have something to tell, they should come and discuss it within the party. They should go wherever they want. They have my good wishes,' he said.

Responding to this, Mr. Verma said he was forced to go public after the JDU backed CAA and also decided to seal an alliance with the BJP for Delhi assembly elections.

He further said he did not receive any reply on several issues from the CM's office adding that ideological clarity is required.

Mr. Verma who is JDU spokesperson and the national general secretary, has questioned his party's alliance with the BJP in Delhi Assembly polls while Mr. Kishor has more than once made his differences with the party known on the issue of the amended Citizenship Act, and the National Register of Citizens.

In a letter addressed to the Bihar CM, Verma had claimed that Kumar on more than one occasion had expressed his grave apprehensions about the BJP-RSS combine.

He further said that the cause of confusion arises from the fact that, even after Kumar changed tracks and aligned again with the BJP in 2017, his private apprehensions regarding the BJP did not change.

Accusing the BJP of embarking on a massive socially divisive agenda, aimed at mutilating the peace, harmony and stability of the country, Verma argued that there was a need for the JDU to harmonize what the party's Constitution says.