Karti Chidambaram slams Rajinikanth

Karti Chidambaram slams Rajinikanth

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Congress MP and son of former union minister P. Chidambaram, Karti Chidambaram has slammed star Rajinikanth for his Periyar remarks saying Periyar’s contribution to Tamil Nadu is humongous.

Karti advised Rajinikanth to speak on JNU and Kashmir if he wants to join politics. Taking to Twitter, Karti questioned Rajinikanth whether Periyar is the most relevant topic to discuss for the legendary actor. “Every historical leader will have many contradictions/controversies be it Gandhi/Churchill etc. a holistic view is needed. To judge a historical change maker by a few incidents or utterances is patently unfair. Periyar’s contribution to Tamil Nadu is humongous,” Karti tweeted.

He then gave a tip to Rajinikanth that should he be keen to enter public debate, he should start with his views on current issues like the CAA protests, JNU violence and Kashmir.

Sparking a new controversy, a few days ago, Rajinikanth, in his address at the 50th anniversary-cum- readers' connect event of Tamil magazine 'Thuglak' on January 14 in Chennai, had said: "In 1971, at Salem, Periyar took out a rally in which undressed images of Lord Sri Ramachandramoorthy and Sita -with a garland of sandal-featured and no news outlet published it." As many Dravidian parties including DMK demanded an apology from the actor for the Periyar remark, the actor did not relent. Instead he said: “I didn't make up what I said. People are saying I made it up but I didn't. Sorry, I won't apologise."

Several pro-Tamil groups have raised strong objection to Rajinikanth's comment. Five members of a fringe Tamil outfit were arrested on Monday for burning an effigy of superstar Rajinikanth for his remarks on social reformer 'Periyar'.