Shah challenges Oppn leaders to debate on CAA, refuses withdrawal

Shah challenges Oppn leaders to debate on CAA, refuses withdrawal

Agency News

Lucknow, Jan 21: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday reiterated that the government will, in no way, withdraw the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), challenging the Opposition leaders to debate on the Act on a public platform. "The Opposition was trying to confuse the Muslims on the name of CAA, even when the new Act was only to give citizenship and not to take it away," he said.

"Modijee CAA lekar aaye, aur yeh Rahul baba and company, Mamata, Akhilesh ji, behen Mayawati, saari ki saari brigade CAA ke khilaf 'kau kau kau' karne lage. (When Modiji brought CAA, Rahul Gandhi and company, Mamta, Akhilesh, Mayawati, the entire brigade started raising voice, without knowing the facts)," he added. "I was the one, who introduced the law in Parliament. I challenge anyone, who wants to debate with me on CAA, but this law would not be withdrawn at any cost."

"When the world's most admired PM- Mr Modi, brought in the CAA, Mr Gandhi, Ms Banerjee and others started targeting him. Now, we are conducting this outreach programme, to fight the misinformation being spread," he said. Addressing a pro-CAA rally here, Mr Shah challenged these Opposition leaders to debate on the matter, rather than trying to destablise the country by inciting the Muslims. Specially referring to Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav, the Union Minister said, "He was just making his statements by readings others, and has no independent understanding.

He should first study and then speak."

About Mamta Banerjee, he said, "The TMC leaders had raised the issue of giving citizenship to dalit Hindu refugees from Bangladesh staying in West Bengal, but now she is opposing it, just for political reasons."

During the Rajasthan Assembly polls, Congress too had said about giving citizenship to refugees from Pakistan but now they are opposing it. "Congress was responsible for the partition of country in 1947 on religious lines and now, when we are trying to rectify their wrong doings, they are opposing it.

"Even Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and even Indira Gandhi had said that the minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, should be given citizenship of India, but now this party was opposing it, which is unfortunate and shows their double standard," he said.

Shah also alleged that the language of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and of Rahul Gandhi and some other Opposition leaders are same." (UNI)