Digital India designed to bridge divides of haves and have-nots: Prasad

Digital India designed to bridge divides of haves and have-nots: Prasad

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New Delhi, Jan 21: Union Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday said the Government has the challenge to articulate the digital India which is designed to empower ordinary citizen into the power of technology.

“Digital India is designed to bridge digital divide of haves and have-nots and it must bring in digital inclusion," Prasad said while addressing the gathering after inaugurating the second Edition of NIC TechConclave 2020, organised by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

The Minister said technology should be low cost, developmental and inclusive. He coined a new slogan that Digital India means technology from the classes to the technology for the masses. This conclave must find the emerging challenges and also the way out for it, he tasked. Saying that more and more rural empowering missions must be thought of as a model of governance, Mr Prasad said NIC has helped monitoring the Swachch Bharat Campaign in the country.

“Technology should be designed to fulfill the aspirations of the people,” he added. The Minister said financial inclusion is supplementing digital inclusion which is going to be the roadmap of the future of our nation. Digital India should be supplemented by the digital inclusion. He hoped that a woman in a remote village with a Smartphone in her hand should get the bank in her hand. A good team of women entrepreneurs be formed in every village ranging from financial inclusion skilling, digital inclusion skilling to further empower them.

Saying that India is waiting for a big revolution of financial inclusion, the Minister said let the digital inclusion and financial inclusion must become the benchmark of India’s transformational governance. He narrated five corners for data – Data Availability, Data Utility, Data Innovation, Data Anonymity and Data Privacy.(UNI)