Penal provision for wrong information in NPR

Penal provision for wrong information in NPR

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 16: Amid protests against National Population Register (NPR), officials say there is a provision of imposing penalty for furnishing wrong information to the enumerators.

"There is a penal provision of imposing a fine of Rs 1,000 in case someone furnishes wrong information during the updation of NPR”, the official said. While the NPR format has been drafted, there is a possibility of last-minute changes as per the requirements to make it easier for the public. The pre-test of NPR has 21 questions which also could be reduced to 17 or 18 keeping people’s convenience, the official further said.

Each head of the family will have to sign the NPR form with the declaration that the information furnished by him or her is true to the best of his knowledge, he said. “The Government will not ask any for any documents to show to the enumerators but one would be asked to give their Adhaar number, voter ID number, driving license number or others details to fill in NPR, if they have them, and since the enumerators are teachers who are familiar with local people”, officials added The enumerators will get maximum up to Rs 25,000 to do the job of Census 2021 and updation of NPR digitally and Rs 18,000 who will be doing on paper, MHA official informed. (UNI)