If China ranked No 2, India can be placed 5th or 6th, says Jaishankar

If China ranked No 2, India can be placed 5th or 6th, says Jaishankar

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New Delhi, Jan 15: External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar on Wednesday said there is a "powerful logic" for India and China to find greater "understanding" on key issues.

"Probably within a quarter of a century what our numbers are going to be? If you are going to be No. 2 and No. 3 and you are going to be neighbours and dynamic forces of the world; clearly the logic of reaching an understanding will be a very powerful logic," the Minister said at the Raisina Dialogue.

He said, "....If I do an economic ranking, China would be number Two and India would be number Five or Six in the world. Probably within the space of the decade we will be No. 2 and No. 3".

"For me, it is absolutely necessary that the two countries find an equilibrium and find accommodation and understanding on key issues which affect each other. For me it is a must," he said.

The India-China relationship has 'unique characteristic', he said adding the need to work together for two countries is a work 'in progress'.

"......and it will be continue to be a work in progress," he remarked.

India-China relation has been brought into normal course after Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an informal summit in Wuhan in China in April 2018 with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The second informal summit was held in Mammallapuram in Tamil Nadu in October, 2019.

The boundary issue talks are also on between NSA Ajit Doval and the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

A meeting between Mr Doval and the Chinese leader Wang Yi in December decided to intensify the dialogues. (UNI)