Diggy asks why PM did not refute Zakir’s words

Diggy asks why PM did not refute Zakir’s words

Agency News

Indore, MP, Jan 15: Premier Narendra Modi and Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah drew heavy flak on Wednesday from Rajya Sabha Member and erstwhile Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijaya Singh who “wondered” why the two Bharatiya Janata Party stalwarts did not deny a recent controversial statement by Zakir Abdul Karim Naik – a televangelist-preacher charged with high treason.

“Naik claimed that – in September 2019 – officers acting as intermediaries for the two apex leaders contacted him and demanded that he evince support for the Centre’s decision to abrogate Article 370 in return for dropping of all cases against him and assistance vis-a-vis returning to India,” the Congress bigwig averred during an interaction with the press in the state’s commercial capital. (UNI)