Chinese strings for Amritsar kites

Chinese strings for Amritsar kites

Agency News

Though the city police have registered several cases for illegal sale of the banned Chinese thread (for kite flying) and seized rolls, there was no let-up in its use on the Maghi festival. Questions were being raised over the role of the administration and the police as a large number of people, including children and youngsters, used banned plastic and synthetic string to fly kites..

It is learnt that the banned string is being sold in Amritsar and a number of pedestrians and commuters were seen getting entangled in the thread on city roads. Even a commuter injured his eye due to plastic string on Majitha Road. Several pigeons have also reportedly died.

A pigeon was rescued by environmentalist PS Bhatti which was reportedly trapped in Chinese string on Queen’s Road. It is learnt that the string has left several persons injured. The Chinese string is hard to break and could easily cut the skin. Parkash Singh, a resident, said, “It seems more people used the banned string this year. Bunches of used string have been found from every nook and corner of the city.'