Tharoor tenders apology over comment on Kejriwal

Tharoor tenders apology over comment on Kejriwal

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 14: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday apologised for the comments he made against Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal on Monday during his visit at the Jamia protest site wherein the Congress MP had accused Mr Kejriwal of enjoying power without responsibility.

Mr Tharoor had on Monday taken a dig on Mr Kejriwal saying that having "power without responsibility has been a prerogative of eunuchs". Mr Tharoor had said that Mr Kejriwal has not shown human compassion which is something one expects from a CM. Later after much outcry over social media on Mr Tharoor's remarks , the Congress leader withdrew his remarks.

''Apologies to those who found my quote about "power without responsibility" offensive. It's an old line from British politics, going back to Kipling & Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, and most recently used by Tom Stoppard. I recognize that its use today was inappropriate &withdraw it,''Tharoor said. Following his comment , Tharoor received a sharp reaction on social media being accused of "transphobia" and was asked to apologise to the LGBT community. However, his apology did not mention of the word 'eunuch' that triggered the whole outcry. (UNI)