Chidambaram warns of 'youth exploding'

Chidambaram warns of 'youth exploding'


In wake of the rising retail price inflation, the former Finance Minister and senior Congress leader, Mr. P Chidambaram, lashed out at the Central Government and warned that if unemployment rises in the country, there is a danger of India’s youth 'exploding in anger'.

Taking to social media platform Twitter, Mr. Chidambaram in a series of posts criticised the National Democratic Alliance government, calling it 'incompetent' and adding that 'a sliding economy is an even greater threat to the country'.

'The circle of incompetent management is complete. Mr Narendra Modi's government started in July 2014 with CPI inflation at 7.39 per cent. In December 2019, it was 7.35 per cent,' the senior Congress leader said. He further took a dig at Mr. Narendra Modi’s ‘achhe din’ promise, citing rising prices of consumer products and food inflation.

'Food inflation stands at 14.12 per cent. Vegetable prices are up 60 per cent. Onion prices are over Rs 100 per kg. This is the achhe din promised by the BJP,' he said.