Republic Day: US-made Apache, Chinook helicopters to take part

Republic Day: US-made Apache, Chinook helicopters to take part

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 13 : US-made attack helicopter Apache 64E and heavy lift transport chopper Chinook CH47 will take part in the Republic Day flypast for the first time on January 26.

“The 'Chinook' formation will comprise of three newly-inducted transport helicopters in 'vic' formation, a senior Indian Air Force (IAF) official said on Monday during press preview of IAF contingent for Republic Day Parade. Following them will be the 'Apache' formation consisting of the latest attack helicopters of the Indian Air Force. The five attack helicopters would be flying in 'arrowhead' formation, the officer said. Both the helicopters are made by US major Boeing.

The heavy-lift capability Chinook CH 47 was inducted at Chandigarh in April last year. It enhances all-weather, round-the-clock logistics capability, especially in mountains. With a payload capacity of 11 tonne or 45 troops, it provides a fillip to IAF's heavy-lift segment. The Apache 64E attack copter was inducted in Pathankot in September last year.

This year flypast comprises of 41 jets of IAF and four helicopters of the Indian Army’s aviation wing. The aircraft type include 16 fighters, 10 transport aircraft and 19 helicopters. For the first time, the model of French-made fighter jet Rafale will be showcased during the Republic Day parade on Rajpath. (UNI)