Pandits to mark exodus anniversary

Pandits to mark exodus anniversary


The Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD) will lead a worldwide commemoration with a series of events in India and several other parts of the world on January 19. The events are being organized by the diaspora, in association with its partners and affiliated organisations across the globe to remind the world that the minority group of Hindus that were forced to flee their homeland in a short period of time are still waiting to get justice even 30 years on.

On January 19, 1990, over 5 lakh Pandits were forced to leave the Valley overnight through a genocidal campaign that was unleashed on them by the militants.

Some of the events, the focus of which would be to educate children about the exodus, will be held at the Jagati camp in Jammu, where thousands of Kashmiris continue to live after fleeing persecution in the Valley.

In addition, events would also be held in Mumbai, part of which would be a seminar that is being organised at Navi Mumbai. Some eminent speakers have been invited. Simultaneously, for the occasion, in Delhi, a book reading on genocide literature by an eminent Kashmiri Pandit author has been organised at the Vasant Vihar club.

In Kolkata, a similar event has been organised at the Kashmir Sabha.

In the US, events are being held in collaboration with the Indian Americans for Kashmir (IAFK). The key event would be in New Jersey and would include a seminar with keynote speakers from various political organisations and media houses. The speakers are scheduled to speak on the 'Kashmiri Pandit genocide'. The event is being supported by hundreds of community volunteers. In addition, a candlelight vigil will be held at the city hall in Naperville as a tribute to the innocent Kashmiris killed in 1989, 1990 and later years.

In the UK too, events are being held at various places including London, Nuneaton, Manchester, Oxford, Walsall and Glasgow with a number of keynote speakers including the British MPs, heads of major UK sociopolitical organisations and political analysts from India. The events are being organised by the Kashmiri Pandits cultural society (KPCS-UK) and Indo- European Kashmir forum (IEKF) both are European affiliates of the GKPD.