Sisodia criticizes Harsh Vardhan for trying to stop Mega PTM in Delhi govt schools

Sisodia criticizes Harsh Vardhan for trying to stop Mega PTM in Delhi govt schools

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New Delhi, Jan 2 : Deputy Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Manish Sisodia on Thursday slammed the move of Union Minister and senior BJP leader Dr Harsh Vardhan to stall the scheduled Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) in Delhi government schools on January 4, by writing a letter to Liutenant Governor Anil Baijal.

Mr Sisodia said that PTMs are one of the major reasons behind the remarkable transformation in Delhi's government schools. He observed that it is clear that the BJP is against the very idea of affordable and quality education. He assured the parents of Delhi government schools that the PTM will take place and urged all the parents to attend the PTM.

'Today I read media reports that Dr Vardhan wrote a letter to Mr Baijal requesting him to cancel the PTM which is scheduled on January 4. It is saddening and also unfortunate that we have such leaders and ministers who can stoop to the level of stopping a parent-teacher meeting. I believe that if the BJP wants to compete on the education work of the AAP, then they should start working for the betterment of government schools in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and in other BJP ruled states. The BJP is in the Center, therefore, they should work on developing the educational infrastructure all over India.

Moreover, the BJP should make the education infrastructure stronger in the MCD schools of Delhi which are under them," said Mr Sisodia. 'The BJP is not interested to develop the education system of India or any state, but in Delhi, because the AAP government has done remarkable work in the field of education, they want to disrupt our work.

I am angry and saddened to see BJP's mindset to stop the PTMs of Delhi. I want to know from Dr Vardhan how can you write such a letter to the LG and I feel that you should be ashamed of this action,' he said. "In the last five years, we have worked very hard to develop the government school education system in Delhi and now the Delhi model of education is being discussed all over.

The Mega PTM initiative has been one of the key aspects of this revolutionary education model of Delhi," said Mr Sisodia. 'Keeping in mind the coming examinations, this PTM was scheduled so that the teachers can bring the parents on board and apprise them about the performance of their child. Only 45 days are remaining before the board examination hence the teachers wanted to meet the parents because many times there are technical issues like attendance shortage which creates trouble for the students to appear in the exams.

We want to make the families of all these students aware regarding the feedback of their child and other technical details,' he said. "It's beyond any reasonable understanding why the BJP would have any problem with such initiative.

If the children are getting better education then why the BJP is against that?" asked Mr Sisodia. "If Dr Harsh Vardhan thinks that the BJP can stop this PTM then I want to apprise him that it would not be possible because the PTM is organised by the Delhi government following the demand of the parents and teachers, so the PTM will happen.

Yesterday I exposed the BJP and have evidence of how the BJP is an anti-education party. The BJP cannot tolerate any initiative of giving affordable education and quality education in this country," he said. 'The reality of BJP is that they are enemy of education, therefore, they are trying to stop the PTM.

Today it is clear that the BJP wants no dialogue on the issue of women safety, preparation of students before an examination, the issue of attendance or feedbacks on students. Now it is in front of the people of Delhi that the BJP is an anti-education party. The BJP should realise that such an anti-education mindset is also harming the families and the children of their volunteers because the kids of many BJP volunteers also study in the Delhi government schools," he said. Mr Sisodia appealed to the parents of Delhi government school students that the PTM is a very important investment into the future of their children.

'PTM for students of morning shift will start from 0830 hrs and PTM for the afternoon shift will start from 1400 hrs. PTM is a very important event for the future of the students of Delhi, therefore, every parent should take part in this meeting. This is a way to improve the education and life of the students," he added. (UNI)