Onions from Afghan: Price comes down in Chandigarh

Onions from Afghan: Price comes down in Chandigarh

Agency News

Price of onions has started to cool off in Chandigarh following the arrival of consignments from neighbouring Afghanistan. With the new arrivals, the price of onions is expected to lower to somewhere between ₹50-60 per kg.

A major drop is expected within a week time. Two varieties of Afghani onions arrived in the market; one is a rosy pink, which is of a better quality than the deeper red version. Right now, both varieties are being sold for ₹80 per kg. In the coming days, however, the price of the redder Afghani variety is expected to fall further.

The trucks with onions have reached the wholesalers in Chandigarh and Punjab. As per the officials of the UT food and supplies department, around 35 trucks laden with produce have come into the region and within a week. The onion from Alwar was priced at ₹90 per kg, they said.