More than 20,000 Bangaladeshi Hindu happy with CAB

More than 20,000 Bangaladeshi Hindu happy with CAB

Agency News

Raichur, Dec 12: More than 20,000 Bangaladeshi Hindu settlers near Sindhanur in Raichur district have expressed happiness over Parliament passing the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and as they are all set to benefit from this historic law.

Any talk of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) or CAB gets immediate attention at one of India’s largest settlements of Bangladeshi refugees near Sindhanur in Raichur district and feel safe after Parliament passed the bill.

The enactment of the amended law will technically make nearly 20,000 Hindu Bangladeshi settlers in the four camps in Raichur eligible for securing fresh citizenship certificates. The four camps located at Sindhanur are labelled as RH2, RH3, RH4 and RH 5. RH is short for Rehabilitation. The total population of settlers here is pegged at over 20,000.

These Hindu Bangladeshi settlers do not have a citizenship certificate. Their parents arrived to this northeastern district of Karnataka after 1971 when East Pakistan was carved out to form a new nation - Bangladesh, as these Hindus faced persecution.

While in the initial years, only land was given to them for economic sustainability, Government of India in 1979 bestowed upon them citizenship and voting rights. However, this process was stopped in 1983.

Raptana one of the settlers pointed that for the negligence of the government nearly 20,000 people have suffered a blow. The government officials sitting under the roof having safe shelves should have kept the documents safe, while it would be difficult to expect from the people who escaped for life were busy in setting up life.

He said the Home Minister Amit Shah has categorically said that Hindus would get the certificate irrespective of whether they provide any documents or not. This means these 20,000 people can re-apply for citizenship certificates.

The settler celebrate the incident on passing bill on both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and hope that for passing the CAB, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah give opportunity to them living a simple and casual respectful life, they added. (UNI)