Jharkhand polls: 29.44 pc polling till 1100hrs

Jharkhand polls: 29.44 pc polling till 1100hrs

Agency News

Ranchi, Dec 12: An average voter turnout of 29.44 percent has been recorded in the third phase of the elections in the state on 17 seats till 11am.

Among the constituencies Khijri has witnessed maximum voter turnout at 37.65 percent while Ranchi was the lowest at 19.35 percent. Constituency wise voter turnout is as following: Koderma 27.30 percent, Barkatha 28 percent, Barhi 34 percent, Barkagaon 29.13 percent, Mandu 32 percent, Hazaribagh 26 percent, Simaria (SC) 32.33 percent, Dhanwar 29.09 percent, Gomia 33.04 percent, Bermo 29.19, Ramgarh 29.50 percent, Silli 36.12 percent, Khijri (ST) 37.65 percent, Ranchi 19.35 percent, Hatia 23.15 percent and Kanke (SC) 28.70 percent.

Voting on Ranchi, Hatia, Kanke, Ramgarh and Barkatha will continue till 1700hrs while on the remaining seats it will be till 3pm. (UNI)