Battle for Jharkhand: 57.48% average voter turnout till 3pm

Battle for Jharkhand: 57.48% average voter turnout till 3pm

Agency News

Ranchi, Dec 12 : As the polling came to an end on 12 out of the 17 seats which went into the voting process in the third phase of the Vidhan Sabha polls during which an average voter turnout of 57.48 per cent has been recorded till 3pm.

Voting on Ranchi, Hatia, Kanke, Ramgarh and Barkatha will continue till 5pm while on the remaining seats it has come to an end. Among the constituencies, Silli has witnessed maximum voter turnout at 68.22 per cent while Ranchi was the lowest at 39.85 per cent. However the voter turnout till 1500hrs has been only included. The overall poll percentage is likely to go up once the office of the chief electoral officer comes out with details later in the evening.

Constituency wise voter turnout till 1500hrs is as following: Koderma 57.47 per cent, Barkatha 57.50 per cent, Barhi 57.40 per cent, Barkagaon 60.38 per cent, Ramgarh 58.71 per cent, Mandu 65.10 per cent, Hazaribagh 54.39 per cent, Simaria (SC) 61.05 per cent, Dhanwar 59.86 per cent, Gomia 66.20 per cent, Bermo 59.50 per cent, Ichagarh 67.09 per cent, Silli 68.22 per cent, Khijri (ST) 62.22 per cent, Ranchi 39.85 per cent, Hatia 44.57 per cent and Kanke (SC) 52.68 per cent. (UNI)